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What to consider when renting a camper?

1. Call us and tell us for what purpose you want to use a camper, a country to which you will drive, how many people will use it, pick up and drop off dates and times.

2. Based on our telephone conversations send us an E-Mail with your camper reservation application.

Note: Before booking, you can visit us and check the camper in life, to avoid unnecessary confusion later on.

E-mail should include the following information:

  •     Your full name, identity number, address and bank account or Company Details.
  •     Country to which you want to drive, accurate pick up and drop off dates and times.
  •     Scanned passport or ID card and driving license copy of the person who will sign the contract. As well as driver’s license copies of others wishing to drive (chauffeurs).

3. Once we have mutually agreed on rental times and dates we will sign a Lease Agreement and the Reservation Bill will be issued for 50 – 250EUR. (this amount will be deducted from the Rental Bill total)

4. A few days before the lease date we will send you an E-Mail with Rental Bill (minus Reservation Bill amount).

5. On the lease date of the camper you must pay 600.00EUR Security Deposit and Rental Bill must be fully paid too.

Note: Because briefing about camper and signing the documents may take up to 2 hours (depending on the leaseholders experience), we recommend to agree on specific time in advance – briefing is included in campers rental period.

Checklist: What to pack for your trip?

You can download the Checklist HERE

How much is the Booking Money?

50 – 250 EUR

  • Amount depends on how long you want to rent a camper and how many days/months in advance you make a booking.
  • This amount will be deducted from the Rental Bill total.
  • We reserve the right not to refund the Booking Money if Camper Rental is canceled by Leaseholder. However we try our best to refund at least 50% of Booking Money or move the Camper Rental dates prior agreed by both parties.
How much is the Security Deposit?

600.00 EUR

  • 100% of Security Deposit money is refunded if the camper condition matches the original condition and there is no traffic rule violations.
  • Money is paid only by bank transfer prior to rent a camper.
What are the restrictions?
  • Camper is leased to a persons with a valid identity document and a category B driving license and at least 5 years of driving experience and no younger than 25 years.
  • MTPL and CASCO insurance is valid only in European Union countries.
  • Camper must be returned only in daylight!
  • Driving speed limit is 90 km/h …
  • Forbidden to climb on the campers roof.
  • Forbidden to smoke in the camper.
Lease Agreement!

On request, we can send to your Email address.